We are aware of our chance to be able to work in an exceptional environment.

Passionate about our mountain, we love it because we live there and we work there all year round.

That is why we strive to preserve the space in which we operate:

  • In accordance with an official course following extensive environmental impact studies
  • By investing in a 4-stroke snowmobile park that meets the latest environmental STANDARDS. In fact the equipment used is approved and complies with the EEC Standard.

Our motorcycles are given by the manufacturers as the least noisy and the most economical in terms of fuel Consumption.

Snowmobile Used:


versatile, Economical and quiet snowmobile

  • Engine 600 cc ACE, INJECTION 60 CV
  • 40 cm Caterpillar
  • Wide distance of skis for high stability
  • 2 Seater
  • Heated handles and thumbs
  • Light weight and handling, (285 kg)